Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Journey to meeting the Journeyman

In 2011 I had opportunity to meet the amazing journeyman through my friend Phil Talyor.

It has been an amazing journey (will try not to repeat it to often) and getting to know him through mastermind group we were involved with, to sharing the stage with him all over the GTA.

We both started out blogs at the same time. (does that make us digital brothers?) and we both have had success in writing and sharing our blogs with the world.

As this current time I have 17 friends and 31,132 views on my blog.

Journeyman has 41 friends and 22,693 views on his blog.

The reason I mention this statistics is not to say that I pointing out anything  regarding his blog and mine.

The true impact is what we have motivated and inspired because of our blogs.

We have both turned our blogs into books. Huge thanks to Gerry Robert for that.

It was been great way to keep up to date. When Patrick Bizindavyi went back to Burundi in June 2011 to get married. The only we could find out what was happening was from his blog!

When he did come back a married man we didn't have any questions. We just wanted to know when wife is coming to Toronto! That's an interesting story that he should share (hint hint Patrick!)

As I mentioned early we were part of mastermind group in 2011 (entire year) We met every sunday with amazing group of men. Courtney Carrol, Christopher van der hoff, Jean Guy Francouer, Justin McMakin and Paul Renie. It was an amazing experience on so many levels. We accomplished some many group and individual goals.

At we continued our journey after the mastermind he never called by my name. He simply said "Hey Mr. Connector how are you?" via email or phone. It got some getting used to and truly enjoyed and listening to for them on.

To this day we have continued our friendship and have supported and encouraged each other in our ventures.

 I had great experience to spend time with Patrick Bizindavyi, he lived in Toronto Dowtown Core so we went  for coffee at Tim Horton's numerous times (He actually lived on St.Patrick street) We were there often so literally they had a seats saved for us!  He would have is ice cappucino no matter what the weather and I would do the same.

We both enjoyed speaking and sharing our stories about our journeys.

The journey began...

Patrick came out and spoke at numerous event from the Canada Job Expo, Entrepreneur Speed Networking Group(Newmarket and Toronto)  and very special event that I did for the Toronto Finance Group in Mississauga.

I was invited to speak at his group called M-bridge with Sophie Duan and her amazing group.

We did  a session on Blogging Success for the Toronto Finance Group on December 2011 . Patrick  came out and spoke and we also brought Rania Effat who had just started here own blog called Living out my Purpose.(see link below)

It was an amazing time of sharing our expertise and inspiring the audience that they can achieve their potential.

It has been very memorable to be part of  the  journeyman experience and listen to his stories. His blog is informative, interesting and funny!

I do read it every week and we he doesn't post I usually email or text him as to my, Jeff in Kigali does the same thing!

He has mentioned me in  some of his post as "my friend Jim" which has been great.Appreciate his honesty and accountability.

I would say I am his journeyman  "wingman"

Patrick is an amazing listen, encourager and coach. It has been truly an amazing experience to learn and be inspired to succeed in my own journey of success.

Moral of the story: You will met amazing people in your journey, the choice is your to connect and make it happen! You never know where it will lead perhaps sharing your story on the journeyman stories blog!

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                                               Patrick Bizindavyi and Jim Pagiamtzis

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