Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spotlight: Ronnie Doss

1st   You have been on stage sharing the importance of learning about yourself and personal developing on an ongoing basis. How important is this in your journey of success?
Personal development in my own life is essential to being able to do what I love doing...speaking to audiences. Over the past few years I have noticed that it becomes easier and easier to just repeat a script and not stretch myself mentally. We can be good for a short period of time with old material to share but to be great we must keep adding new material and experiences to our arsenal. I have to look at every area of my life and ask myself, "would I buy the concept I am sharing from me." What I mean is, does my life reflect the principles that I am trying to get someone else to adopt. If not, I need to get my life straight first before I try to help someone else. I call it authenticity and integrity and those two things are what contributes to whether a speaker is truly great.

 2nd  There are many entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming speakers ,what would you say to encourage them?
Work on yourself before you try to stand in front of an audience sharing your message. If the message has not transformed your life then don't begin to work on someone else's. This doesn't mean that anyone is perfect but many people want to be "in front of the room" just for ego purposes. Our message has to be the thing that has shifted our level of consciousness already and we are simply wanted to share what we have been blessed to have experienced. Once we are genuinely committed to moving a person's life forward with our message we must learn to connect with them on a heart level or they will never receive what we have to say. The man or woman is actually more important than the message because if the audience doesn't accept the person they will never accept their message.


Ronnie Doss is an accelerated transformation specialist and has worked with thousands of individuals in 7 different countries to create positive change in their lives. Ronnie has done television, radio and live seminars for the past 6 years. He is quickly become a well known name in the field of personal transformation. On average Ronnie speaks at about 50 events per year and is currently working with corporations, churches and top universities on leadership and team development.

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