Monday, February 11, 2013

Book review: Mrs. Fraud and You

                                              Dianne Ojar-Ali book, Bookmark and Business card

 It has been an amazing journey meeting Dianne Ojar-Ali many years ago (actually her husband Ken  Ali). We had cross paths at various event throughout the Toronto area.

 Few years ago Dianne Ojar-Ali had idea in writing a book, recommended to speak with Gerry Robert author of Millionaire Mindset who does events called Publish Your Way to Profits for many year. He has assisted hundred of  professionals and entrepreneur write books. The rest is history and the book launch happened in late January 2013.

Had the opportunity to edit early version of the book and also have a written acknowledgement in it.

We have appeared on many speaking stages together and co-organizers of Meet up group in Newmarket called the Entrepreneur Speed Networking group.(Check out the link below)

                                             Dianne Ojar-Ali and Jim Pagiamtzis

Mrs Fraud and You

Entrepreneur Speed Networking

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