Saturday, February 2, 2013

Book review; One door, Two Locks The 7 keys to Unlocking the Door to Success in All Areas of Your Life


Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, categorized  these two separate skills sets as "general skills" and "specific skills". Specific skills are the knowledge and know-how necessary to perform a give task or trade. To become a professional golfer, for example, you have to learn to expertly use all the clubs in your bag and execute a variety of shots. General skills, on the other hand, are the personal, all-purpose skills needed to get the most of your ability, get along with people and get ahead in life.


See, here is a benefit of success. To become a success, we have to push ourselves harder. As we do, we become better. We grow. And when we grow, our life becomes better and better


                                                  The Best Me I Can Be

I saw a bird up in the trees.
He glided through the air and such great ease.
I wished I could fly like him.
But then I thought that I should think again.
Where I have arms, he as wings;
My hands let me do so many things.
Would I be happy to give mine away?
No. I think the ground is where I'll stay.
I saw a horse that could really run;
To move like that would be so much fun.
I wished I was strong and fast like him.,
But then I was I should think again.
I love to read, learn, and grow;
My book take me places he cannot go.
Would I give all this away?
No, on my two legs is where I'll stay.
All around there are people I see;
Just like them I want to be .
I try so hard to be like them.
I think it's time to think again.
The way I'm created is part of the plan;
I can fulfill my purpose with who I am.
I think I that I will just try to see,
That I'm the best me I can be.

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