Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spotlight: Travis Hartley

Question #1

In the The Consulting Pros website you so many services you offer? Is there strategies reason for it>

The Consulting Pros was founded to help small businesses grow. We offer business consulting services that we feel every business needs. We specialize in eight key areas below.
 • Marketing
• Design
• Information Technology
• Search Engine Optimization
• Human Resources
• Financial Services
• Legal Services
• Professional Speakers

 Each one of our business consultants has started grown and sold their own company. This allows us an unique perspective when working with clients as we have all been in their shoes at one point or another. With over 50 years of combined business experience, The Consulting Pros works with businesses to implement the right solutions, ensuring continued long term success. Businesses get over 50 years of experience for a fraction of the cost of most firms. We are a one-stop shop for all business needs, so businesses do not have to deal with multiple companies to help them grow.

 We want to be a resource for small businesses to turn to if they need advice. We believe that advice should be free and that if an entrepreneur hits a road block that they should be able to contact us without the worry of being charged for it.

 Question # 2

 There are so many reasons why networking is important, personally and professionally?

. When people network, inevitably information and ideas are exchanged. Like anything in life, the more people you meet the more opportunities open up for you. The best business deals are done through referrals, so the more positive and healthy relationships you have, the better chance of being able to market yourself or your company to as many people as possible. The old saying "It’s not what you know, but who you know" is still very much alive in business today. No matter what stage you are in your business, you can’t get around the fact that networking is crucial to your success and personal well being.

 Travis Hartley is the CEO & Founder of The Consulting Pros and leads a team of professional companies and independent consultants who bring you years of expertise in growing businesses.

 Before launching The Consulting Pros, Mr. Hartley has spent 20 years establishing himself as an expert in marketing, strategic planning, client and sponsor relations, event management and planning. Mr. Hartley’s diverse background and ability to connect with groups and individuals allows him to create transformational partnerships with a wide range of clients. Prior to the founding of The Consulting Pros, Mr. Hartley held senior positions with Club Med Resorts, Intrawest’s Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort and Disney Cruise Line. Mr. Hartley has turned his passion for events into a business and founded Meet Market Adventures in 2000. Meet Market Adventures has grown to become the largest event and adventure company for singles in North America with over 200,000 active members. Mr. Hartley was awarded Profit Magazines Hottest 50 Companies with a growth of 426% in the first two years of business.

 Through his extensive market experience, Mr. Hartley has gained extensive knowledge in sales, marketing, website architecture, visitor flow and design, search engine optimization, analytics and tracking, social media strategies and  project management.

Best Regards,
 Travis Hartley
CEO & Founder
The Consulting Pros
1 (888) 544~1061
"Business  Made Easy"

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