Friday, February 15, 2013

The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages®

Practically Speaking

Words Of Affirmation

Think about a goal, dream, or accomplishment that your loved one may be putting off because they feel inadequate. Use your affirming words to en-courage them (instill courage). Tell them you think they can do it; accomplish it; be it. These simple words could boost their confidence and help them reach their potential. (Relationship: Marriage, Family)

Acts Of Service

Today is all about noticing. Take notice of some things that may be small irritations to your spouse. Maybe it's oiling a squeaky door, taking out the trash, cleaning a stain off the carpet or couch, tightening a loose screw, organizing a stack of papers, making the bed, or cleaning out a junk drawer. Whatever it is, take the initiative. Acts of Service are intentional. (Relationship: Marriage)

Receiving Gifts

Is there something meaningful that you possess—jewelry, trinket, watch, book, etc... Consider passing it along to your child if they are at a responsible age. Don't just give it to them—take some time to share why it is significant to you and why you want them to have it. (Relationship: Parent to Child)

Quality Time

Plan a "Picasso Pizza Party" with your family. Get some fun and unique toppings. Instruct everyone to use the crust as a canvas and ask them to design a portrait of someone in the house using the toppings. After the pizzas are cooked, take pictures of them and guess who each pizza represents. Later, display photos as art and a reminder of this special time spent together. (Relationship: Family)

Physical Touch

Let your next hug linger just a little longer with your loved one. Add a light back rub or back scratch to help his/her love tank overflow. (Relationship: Spouse, Couple, Parent to Child)
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"In a relationship, negotiation is enhanced when you make requests and not demands."  ~Dr. Gary Chapman

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