Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spotlight: Jenna Smith


What is important to be in tuned in with you mind body, heart and spirit?

When we re-connect to our Mind,Body, Heart and Spirit we have access to our innate potential as a Human Being. We are born as pure essence living in a human body, and somewhere along the line we forget our true nature. The first step is to simply acknowledge that we are a sophisticated being. Look at our physical body alone: the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system is working in perfect alignment without our cognitive mind needing to get it done. While for the most part in our lives we act from the belief our mind can and should control all the working parts of our life. It is my belief that one of the leading causes of stress is our misguided understanding that only 1 aspect (our cognitive mind) has to run the whole show. Of course orwhelm.

You are a Being: You have a mind, you have emotions (heart), and you have a body.  This is our true self, integrated and whole.

More often than not, we actually consider “ourselves” to be our mind.  Our minds are great to organize, focus, judge & assess, and store info for later.  I am referring to our cognitive, left brain mind as “our mind” for that is how most people experience themselves: as a thinking mind.
And this mind carries around a body.  We typically shove down emotions that are uncomfortable, and also deny that there is a universal intelligence beating are heart and spinning the planet that can assist in our personal lives.  Our minds are phenomenal and useful tools for Life, but they are not meant to run the show.  Of course many people do believe in God, a Source/Consciousness or Spirit, and wish to feel or express emotion better, but are at a loss for proper education or access to resources that work in day to day life. 

In order to understand better how we are integrated, I am separating our aspects of being in order to explain with better clarity.  In truth, all these parts work together and all are linked directly to our source of being, our Essence.

Our bodies are a vehicle and/or vessel in which we get to live, play, create, explore, shape and exist.  We have senses, and these senses keep us present to the miracle of our body and connected to the world around us.  These senses and sensations are accurate feedback as well to keep us safe and healthy via symptoms.  Unfortunately, in this day and age we overfeed, over medicate, over work, under rest, under nourish, and over drug ourselves into a sad version of what could be a magnificent being.  We cut ourselves short trying to adapt and contort to a societal structure of work that does not align with our true physical limitations as human beings.  We need care in order to thrive. Our bodies need rest, fun, exercise, sun, water, real food and overall care.  Our bodies also need to connect with our infinite being-ness to replenish and regenerate.  The cool part about living integrated and from Essence is that in shifting from our separate/fragmented way of being to integrated being- all other areas of our life begin to reflect this new reality of a working whole, that is more of a interactive game than a struggle to win a race.

Our hearts are far more sophisticated and multidimensional than credited (see for details).  Our spectrum of feeling and experiencing emotion lives here.  And these emotions are also indicators to be used as tools to live and create our lives.  It is a common theme for people to leave off any change or growth until tragedy, or extreme discomfort of many sorts.  We do not need to wait for these extremes, and the pain.  When we live connected to all our intricate parts, we have the capacity to act on impulses that are in our highest good far before the need to create a situation so uncomfortable our only choice is to leave.  So much more ease is possible when living integrated.  I could go on and on about our heart, but for now these points serve the answer.

Think of Spirit as the Internet.  And our Mind, Body and Heart as the laptop.  We have many programs and features on the laptop, but once we tap into the internet- WOW now infinite resources are at our fingertips.   Even if the laptop is off, the Internet is still there.  All that information is still there.  Spirit is like this.
But we either do not know how to plug in, we choose not to plug in, or the option has never even occurred to us as possible.

So why is this important?  We have a limited time to live in these bodies, with these minds, on the planet.  There is no rush, and really nowhere to get to other than being in the wonder that is your life right now.  I’m playing the game of life full on, full spectrum and in full gear, right now.  Whether that is a blissful nap, an engaging workout, a hug, a laugh, petting my cat, or experiencing my expanded infinite self within, all is full on and fully present.
What about you?  What is possible for you if you lived at your 100%?


Our natural state is thriving, so why does society have it backwards?

Yes, we are meant to thrive.  Yet so many contrary thought patterns permeate our reality, “life is hard, life is struggle, Darwin theory, etc….” These thoughts do not reflect our most powerful nature as Human Beings.  We simply kept living by these set ways of being because “that’s the way it’s done, or that’s just how it is.”

But, is that really how it is?
Are we really meant to struggle, get a prize then die?  I don’t think so.

What we have backwards is our core value system as a human race.  We value external validation in many forms.  We compete, rather than cooperate.  We want to be better, and fix what’s wrong with relationships, our life and ourselves because we do not accept ourselves as we are.  Most of our waking hours are spent working, leaving not much time for anything else.   Corporations and the workplace value working harder and longer, not necessarily smarter let alone efficiently.  Most people are looking outside of themselves for comfort and reassurance and are disheartened to find these feelings they avoid always return after the latest attempt to reach for any relief from our yearning to fill this void. A void (interesting wording- “avoid”= “a-void”) is only there due to our lack of being with ourselves and going within to experience the fullness we already are.  What we really all want is to live a great life, love and be loved, share our gifts to the world and have a good time experiencing and creating while we are here.  What we have not yet collectively experienced, is all of those things are possible, and probable when we connect to our integrated self.

We value money so much, when our most valuable commodity is time and furthermore Presence.  Presence is being here and now, fully aware and participating in life.  This is also the state of being where we can access all of our resources.  Ultimately as a human being, our legacy is not left in a U-Haul or bank account, It is who we chose to be.  It takes courage and tenacity to choose to live a great and meaningful life in the face of mediocrity.  Going from “just getting by” to living a phenomenal life stands out as different, and people really want to fit in at a core level. When we come from our centered/integrated place in life, we will naturally feel at one with everyone, and not for what we can do for them, just because we are being.

When we achieve balance, we can leverage and synergize our resources that are not finite, but infinite.  As long as we see ourselves as limited and separate, we are handicapped in life from being our true selves, and going beyond the ordinary into the realm of extraordinary.
I say it’s time to choose extraordinary.

Jenna Smith is an Ontological Coach and Spiritual Psychotherapist who is passionate about re-aligning people to their natural state of thriving.  North American culture values most things outside of us, then wonders why there is a feeling of “something missing”.  The something missing is our own presence in our own life. 
Utilizing the tools of health practices, ontology, positive psychology, ancient spiritual teachings, and drawing from quantum physics and neuroscience; Jenna streamlines all this data to intuitively know how to move your life forward based on your projects and desires.   What people benefit from in this work is the ability to shift past reaction/survival mode into a creation/thriving and integrated state. This allows for peace, resilience in life, stress management, higher creativity in day to day issues, a passion to live, better connection to both ourselves and others, and a deeper more meaningful sense of purpose.

Jenna lives and works in Toronto, and is available internationally as a coach via telephone and teleconference.  Feel free to connect with her to find out how to create your life beyond limitation, and from a place of possibility.


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