Monday, February 18, 2013

Spotlight: Jacques Berge

1st  How do you create a network of meaningful people that can be resource for you and others?

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. Zig Ziglar  

Look for win-wins, ask people what they do, why do they do it, how can you be of service, listen like you have never listened 
before, be authentic and sincere.

Know what you do and why you do it. Give examples of what problems you solve! Look people in the eye,
 stand tall, offer a warm handshake and share your pleasure in meeting them.

Stay in touch and provide value. Do what you say you will do and by when. When you invest in others you invest in yourself, take action now!

Don't quit people and Action always trumps Words! Pay forward and don't keep track, trust your gut! Forgive but don't forget! 

When you find people that you resonate with keep them close. Let them know you want them in your network
 and ask how to best communicate referrals. AND Refer them!

Finally.. build your database and always ask permission!


2nd  Having personal integrity and living a life of purpose is opportunity we all have. What strategies and initiatives do you
recommend we do?

Listen to yourself first, trust you have the answer within and find the courage to seek what you do not know. 
GO TO YOUR NETWORK. Let them serve you!

Stop watching media and reading information that does move your life forward.

Find out how people view you and learn what impact you have on people. Are you an Asset or a Liability?

Train yourself to be constantly aware of your emotional state and find out what triggers you. 
Be vulnerable in learning how to overcome those triggers.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don't allow yourself not to learn from those mistakes! Take responsibility for your actions.

Take on your life like a business, would you hire you? 

Take on what you fear. You fear it for a reason. What can you learn here?

Honor yourself. Share your victories. 

Your life consists of the words that you speak and the breathes that you take. Commit to your own truth, your growth and personal success!

Take on your spirituality/religion. Take on a Coach. Create a Triad/Master Mind group for accountability. 

Develop a 90 day action plan. Create the future you are living into! Attend as many Personal and Professional Development Courses you can!

Do you what you love, have fun, keep smiling :) and know you are the answer!
Who I am is a Coach, Connector and Creator!
I am trained to see people bigger than they see themselves.
I love bringing people together and watching them leverage their passions and strengths.
I get excited when the opportunity to create something new presents itself by making a difference for others with purpose and outcome.
Presently I am the CVO Chief Visionary Officer of Be Do Have Events and curator of "Connect and Create" events for Landmark Education graduates!

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