Friday, November 8, 2013

Spotlight: Salma Burney

Question 1:      

   Salma Burney can you explain what a Virtual Assistant does?

Sure, I have two baskets of services – Virtual / Mobile Assistance, and Computer / Social Media Coaching.

I am a unique Virtual Assistant as I am both virtual and mobile. This means that I can perform some tasks virtually from my home, or on the road, or alternatively at the client's home office.
The services I provide are:
·         File papers, receipts, documents
·         Data entry of invoices, receipts
·         Payment of their invoices
·         Manage their online payroll system
·         Electronic newsletter management
·         Social Media assistance
·         Working together with the client in designing their PowerPoint presentations, their Excel spreadsheets, revisions to their Word documents
·         Edit e-books for formatting consistency
·         Keeping blogs and online calendars up to date

If the client has specific needs I work with them to see if I can fulfill their request. If I cannot, I try my best to find the resources to help them.

Queston 2:        

 Many businesses rely on websites to promote their business. You have had success solely on referrals. Can you explain how you did it?

I am very fortunate to have grown my business by word of mouth. Here is what I believe has helped me in the past 9 years:

Networking Groups: I started with BNI (Business Network International) when I began my business. While a member of BNI, I became an active substitute for other chapter members. Doing so allowed me to meet other members and build a trusting relationship with them, even outside my BNI chapter.

Ask!: I learned early on the best question to ask a person is, "How can I help you?" I became known as a giver.

Volunteering: When an opportunity popped up at a networking or community event for volunteers, I helped out. This allowed me to meet different people from industries I would not normally associate with, plus see the other side of event being organized.

Notes on Cards: When I meet someone new, I write down where I met them, and their answer to my questions. This helps me with the next part.

Follow-up: After attending any networking event, those that I wish to stay in touch with, I would send a quick pleasure to meet you email. And if there was information I said I would send them, I would do so in that email. Lately the pleasure to meet you email is what I use for a LinkedIn connection request email message.

Thanking Clients: As I work at client's homes and get to know their hobbies, their children, pets, and families; I like to bring small gifts that I know they would like. Or for those that love sweets, when I am baking at home, I will make an extra batch to take to those clients I am seeing that week. Other clients, I pick up a coffee just the way they like it, for them on my way to working at their home office.

Passing Helpful Information: I am an information geek. So when I see information or receive an email that would interest my clients, I forward them the email or information with a note saying, "thought this might interest you". My clients know that I am only passing information and not selling them anything, so they are grateful for this

Salma Burney
VIRTUAL girl Friday
Your Supergirl Secretary!
Ph: 416-278-6500

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