Sunday, November 17, 2013

Journey to Ultimate Wealth Weekend

 It was amazing weekend at the National Club in downtown Toronto. The 1st annual Ultimate Wealth Weekend was held by Paul Tobey of Training Business Pros and many special guests!

 From Russel Oliver who may a great opening on Friday night. David Chilton. Author of Wealthy Barber books and currently on the Dragon's Den show shared his insight and experiences on how he created the Wealth barber book (great story) and shared his experience on the show.

  There were numerous guest speakers that Paul Toby had invited to share on his stage.

  I have attended Paul's event and crossed paths at various events in Toronto. It was great experience to volunteer for the weekend. I had my own events to do Saturday and Sunday and they supervisory staff gave me the flexibility to attend the in the afternoon on the weekend. Very grateful for that.

Had the great opportunity to meet amazing entrepreneurs and professionals who were on their journey of success. Special guest was Camille Ali who took advantage of my special offer and came to all three days!

  Great to see Sujit Reddy, Randi Goodman, Vito Marchese, Jason Reid, Daniel Hanzelka, Janet Russ,
Claudia Harvey and Tanya May and so many new friendships were made. Look forward to connecting with many people I got business cards from.

                                                             Jim pagiamtzis sharing the Get Connected 

                                                          David Chilton sharing
                                                               JanetRuss poster
                                                      Jim Pagiamtzis and  Basir A. Hakimi
                                                         Paul Tobey and friends
                                                     Paul Tobey and panel
                                                             Paul Tobey sharing on Friday night
                                                                Sujit Reddy at UWW
                                                            Wealth Builder rooms
                                                         Motivations wristbands


                                                  Shirt and Booklet from the weekend

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