Friday, November 8, 2013

Spotlight: Chala Dincoy

 You have spoken on the importance of having a coach, can you share the importance of why?

I will have a coach until the day I retire. They are responsible for tripling my last year’s revenue in only my second year of business. You don’t know what you don’t know. Why shouldn’t you shortcut your way to success and find out what to do to grow your business from the experts? My coaches have taught me how to overcome my own limiting beliefs and internal barriers. Family and friends are nice. Mentors and networks are great. However, nobody can give you direction and keep you accountable like someone who you are paying at a high level.

Recently you had shared insight on your book "Gentle Marketing" can you share some strategies on how that works?

There are 4 parts to Gentle Marketing, the art of gently attracting clients instead of chasing after them. The first is to be different than all the others in your industry. The second is to have a very tightly defined niche
. This is deciding what you’re an expert at and who your ideal target clients are. The third part of Gentle Marketing is the Messaging—what to say to your ideal clients to get them to throw their credit cards at you and lastly Gentle Marketing is about constantly being in the world of your ideal client. If you apply these principles to your marketing, it is a surefire way to success.
  The trick is of course, how to pick your niche and that’s why I’m more a niching coach than anything else because that’s the biggest pain for most small businesses. Stats show that the second highest reasons why businesses fail is the inability to niche properly. Without a niche, your marketing is like a tourist with no map.
Chala Dincoy is the CEO and Founder of Coachtactics, She’s a brand marketing expert who helps small businesses feel like a NATIONAL BRAND
No nonsense coaching to grow your small biz
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Award Winning Marketing Coach
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