Friday, November 29, 2013

Ask Questions Seek Answers use Surveys!

The power of asking the right questions is important to know the problems your new clients may have in their business and to better understand your new client needs.

Executing surveys during the year will allow you the ability to do this in strategic and effective way

1st Targeted  topic questions
Great way to ask your network general questions about their business. From how many employees they have? What are the goals for the new year? What type of marketing strategies are they using to 
grow their business?

These can questions to lead you better ways that you can perhaps offer some of your services

2nd  General Questions

You can ask you network general question such as feedback on your newsletter? Do they like receiving it weekly? Do they like the articles? Events? Or downloads you share

3rd Industry questions

You want to learn more about the industries that are in your network and what type services they offer. There could be opportunities to do joint ventures with them and to promote their services to your networking via affiliate link.

These are great ways to engage your list and learn more about them and create strategic partnerships that could work. The ability to create win-win relationships is available to you. It’s about being creative and be able relate you network and be a valuable resource to them!

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