Friday, November 29, 2013

Power of Contests!

People love to win things, its’ been proven from show on TV from Price is Right to Wheel of Fortune. Did you know you can create same thing! You can create interest in your brand by have contests on relative topics that you share or offer in your business.

1st  Event
Many events  give out complimentary tickets to get extra people to attend their event. Strategic way idea is to offer your connections opportunity to attend the event, all they have to do is share why they should you join you!  This gets them to engage with you and be creative with their message

2nd  Videos
There are many video platforms from You Tube, Instagram and Social Cam that have given people the ability to share the lives. This has created  a whole new industries of endutrainment (entertainment + Education)

3rd Written
You can also have your network share a written statement is ability for them to connect with using the power of words, for many this way to share stories of their success from overcoming challenge to learning new way to grow their business

Having contest creates the atmosphere of having fun and the same time using platforms to share the insights and expertise

Get Connected 21st Century

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