Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Ways how to find speaking opportunities

We live in very connected environment and there are various way to get noticed and be active in your community. The ability to reach out to your online and offline resources is a great way to begin to open channels  of communication to get the opportunity to share your message with the world. You have  the expertise and knowledge that needs to heard.  Below are various groups to consider.

1st  Meetup.com 

 Great place to speak to audience from 10-30 people. Great place to try your material and get feedback on your speaking style and see you are engaging audience with your topic.

2nd Lunch and Learns

There are many networking groups that have lunch and learn that invite guest speaker to share their insight on topics that are of interest. Usually about 15 minutes is allocated to the speaker. You also have opportunity to network before and after your talk!

3rd    Share Need a speaker? Post on your website or blog 

There are many organizers who are constantly looking  for speakers online. Create a page on your website or blog. Create a handout and give it to friends in your network. Use key words on your website or blog and internet SEO will assist in get world out

4th    Join LinkedIn and participate in groups

An amazing  business  website where business owners share insights on the business, life and success daily in their posts. There are numerous open and closed groups that you can join and be part of the conversation on a weekly basis

5th   Share in conversations (word of mouth)

The best way you can initiate and control on daily basis is to include it in your conversation on a daily basis. Ask the key influencers in your group if they have any group they can recommend that you can share a simple inspirational or motivational talk.

Perhaps you have started a blog and want to share insights on a article your wrote that will be beneficial  to  their group. 

We all have expertise we can share that can empower and inspire the world to succeed. It will require some effort and patience, as your create  momentum  you  will begin to create traction and the referrals will be begin to happen. Before you know you will have created the environment  where  they will be calling you to share and even begin to  pay you for your talks!

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  1. Thanks Jim. You can also join a speakers bureau (e.g., there's a free one for Toastmasters at http://toastmasters60.com/sbureau1.php). Another option is to host your own event, though this has risks.