Friday, November 29, 2013

Power of Pinterest

It’s no secret that Pinteret has been a new player in the social media realm and it has made a big impact. 

The main users in the beginning we were woman selling the wedding gowns to jewellery and now much more. Men you can use also and share pictures regarding sports, electronic gadgets and cars!
It has been said picture is word a thousand words and Pinterest is a great social media platform to do this.

You can create multiple boards (even secret boards) and share them with your network.
1st  Events
You can post pictures of events you have attended and share them with people you have met afterwards.

2nd Contests
You can use the platform and create a contest where you network can vote for their favorite picture in a specific album.

3rd       Network engagement
Creating and sharing various pictures, hobbies with your network will assist you in getting a better understanding on what you network finds interest and is willing to tell you all about it

Pinterest is a simple and powerful platform that can give you engagement with your network and provide insights on what value they are interested in

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