Friday, November 29, 2013

Content is everywhere!

The ability to share content on various topics has been done on various platforms from Facebook, Twitter and many more. You have the same opportunity to do the same, from sharing insight on your expertise on your business to sharing  insights regarding a specific topic.

                                                                        “Content is king” attributed to many

In the current social media landscape the ability to share great content has been a daily and weekly practice many bloggers and news media outlets. 

Having  the opportunity to share great content on your newsletter or website is a great leverage tool you have to sharing your expertise to wide audience
1st  Interview or request written or video content
Great idea is to  interview entrepreneurs or professionals in your network. This is a stratetgic  way to share topics of interest and give a different perspective to your audience. This can educate and inspire you audience to take action.

The ability to teach and share is great way to share powerful information to your network. This can be great way to share your resources  and experience on future topics

2nd       Repurpose

The ability to share information that you have previously presented or share is great way be resource to your network. Perhaps you have done podcast or You Tube video that you want to share regarding an important issue from blogging to picture from previous event.

3rd  Create your own

Creating your own original content is great way to keep fresh new ideas that you can share with your audience and potential clients. 

There can be topics from marketing, sales to specific strategies that you can share. This can give you the ability to share you expertise and insights on topics and illustrate your ability to solve an issue or pain point.

There are various ways to use and share content with your network will give you the ability to be resource for your network.

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