Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Winter- Spring Documentry 2013-2014 featuring Jim Pagiamtzis sharing and interviewing amazing people!

     It's the 3rd edition of various videos over the course of the next 3months. From events, seminars and interviews. Enjoy

Jim Pagiamtzis making PSA announcement join today!
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 Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Google Hangout event

       1st Google Hangout event

Toronto Business Connects Conference

13  interviews
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Microsoft Grand Opening

2 videos
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 Murali Murthy book launch Jim Pagiamtzis was keynote speaker

Jim Pagiamtzis interviewing Richard Baker from GR Marketing Strategists

"If don't brand yourself your competitors will brand you!"  Richard Baker makes this awesome statement about branding at the 45 second mark.

Stay tuned for Spring-Summer edition coming soon..

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