Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Business Planning is an “Art of War”

On the advice of a good friend I’ve just started reading The Art of War (Sun-Tzu).
Art of war free, James Burgess, focus31
 I barely opened the book to start reading and I’ve already seen incredible parallels with business ownership.  I think particularly with small business ownership.
 Let me share because Chapter 1 is called Making of Plans
 Yes if you know me that would catch my attention.  I’m adapting the words to fit the business environment.

 Business is
     A grave affair of state
     It is a place 
     Of success and failure
     A road
     To survival and extinction
     A decision
     To be considered carefully
 There are Five Fundamentals
Chinese Warrior, James Burgess, Focus31     The Vision:       To see the opportunity and not waiver
     Change:            Is inevitable
     Action:              Is required
     Leadership:       Requires wisdom, and courage
     Accountability:  To do
 Every business owner is (should be) aware
     He who grasps them
     He who fails to grasp them
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 Head my plan
     Listen to me
     And victory is surely yours
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 Follow the advice

  And master this opportunity Woman Warrior James Burgess Focus31
     This is the way…to success in 2014
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By anyway means necessary shake off the Recession blues.  A new cycle begins in 2015 so ready all matters of your business now.  WAKE UP!

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