Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Perpetuated By "Business Coaches" & Consultants

I was recently asked to present a 60-minute webinar on how to resolve Time Management issues to an international group of business owners.
My first reaction was..."are you serious?  Doesn't everyone know by now how to manage their time effectively?"
Talk about a topic that has been beaten to death.
Still I persevered and prepared my own "Conquering Time Management; 10-Easy Steps"
Well the positive feedback was so overwhelming I feel compelled to share these 10-Easy Steps to Conquer Time Management here for all of my business friends.
But I need to be honest with you!
The idea you can fix your time management issues is all a HOAX, a sham, perpetuated by "business coaches" and consultants who want billable hours to build revenue from the same business pain over and over.
Don't get me wrong, Easy Steps 1 - 8 To Conquer Time Management are indeed powerful but it is only in Steps #9 & #10 that we find the 2-True Easy Steps To Conquer Time |Management.  These are the 2-Steps no "business coach" or consultant dare share or lose billing hours
But I don't want to jump ahead and so will begin at the beginning.....with 10-Easy Steps to Conquering Time Management:
Step #1:  Set the Objective and reverse engineer the process
An effective method for ensuring projects/work are completed on time is to set the date by which the project must conclude, the drop-dead date if you will.  Then reverse engineer the process that gets the project to that point.  How much by when if you will.  Be specific...be very specific at each step in terms of what outcome by what date
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Step #2:  Chunk Down
In the process of reverse engineering projects/work, break the work down into the smallest components.  It is easier to move mole hills then mountains.  The work will get done and more likely on time if the pieces of work are smaller.
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The next 8-Easy Steps will follow over the next few days but remember it is all a HOAX, a sham, that you can fix your time management issues until we get to THE 2-True Easy Steps being Steps #9 & #10. 
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James Burgess
Author of CHAOS; How Busines Leaders Can Master The Power Of Focus
Having no plan is like sailing the seven seas without a compass, digging a ditch without a shovel, or hunting for pirate's treasure without an 'x' marks the spot...A plan helps keep you on schedule... and most importantly, provides an essential focus - a beacon of light in an ocean full of treachery.  Peter J. Patsula, Ph.D of Cognitive Science and Human Computer Interaction and Entrepreneur

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