Monday, April 7, 2014

Blogging for career advancement

  Have skills and strengths for a career opportunity to fit with the great organization that I can share my abilities in speaking, writing, blogging, leadership, event planning, presenting and much more. (No MLM's)

 Ideal industries:

 Event planner
 Co-working facilities.  Manager of Operations
 Marketing Agencies
  Sales Organizations
 Media Company
 Social Media Manager
  Community Manager

  Jim Pagiamtzis

 Below is my resume


    - Public speaker, published author (articles online and print)
    - Through Get Connected 21st Century ! series of speeches and articles have empowered and encourage entrepreneurs and professionals       
    - Providing the guidance through simple systems of success has been the catalyst to think outside the “box”

§  Have spoken in the Employment Services and Social Services, Enterprise Toronto, Canada Job Expo  sector for the past 2 years “Networking your way to Success” and “ How to market and Promote You!
§  Paid speaking for Enterprise Toronto on “Do you have a Mentor”
§  Appeared on That regarding Centennial College article on “Three key tasks” and “Networking your way to Success”
§  Consulting work with Burkert Fluid Control on “Successful Sales Strategies and “Networking your way to Success”
§  Published articles online for Toronto Public Library and Centennial College, FedEx Freight Canada (intranet)
§  Familiar with Personality programs DISC and KOLBE
§  Proficient in MS Office: Word,Excel, Powerpoint , Outlook
§  Active blogger for 4 years (500+ blogs)
§  Profile 21 Connections testimonials and much more.
§  Active in listen, reading and attending personal and professional seminars.
§  Effective communicator and implement state-of-art event management system 
§  Understand and speak Greek
§   Have written 2 books (see below)
§  Get Connected 21st Century, Spotlight on Success available on
§  Numerous success stories available in assisting referral and friends in finding employment through my teachings on networking
§  Have spoken at Trios College in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto on Social Media Made Simple with Constant Contact
§  Co-organzier of Meet-up group in Newmarket,Ont for 2 years Entrepreneur Speed Networking

Camaraderie Co-working                                                                                                                               March 2013 -Current
§  Host and Community Manager –two days a week
§  Use Yammer social networking software to communicate with internal network
§  Create awareness through events and social media channel
§  Give tours of premises and handle inquiries via phone or walk-ins


Constant  Contact (Sub-contractor)

Authorized Local Expert Trainer (Toronto) /Solutions Provider                                                         October 2011-Current.          

§  Share multiple presentations from , Social Media Made Simple and Power of Email Marketing Getting start with  Email Marketing.
§  Access to revenue generation with client register for paid monthly contracts.
§  Have spoken for Tangible Words (Kingston,Ont) and Workforce Planning organization at weekend retreat (Ingersoll,Ont)
§  Responsible for education existing and new clients who register with to use campaigns offered.
§  Currently in accreditation training.





FedEx Freight Canada Inc. (purchased by Watkins)                                                                           February 2009- November  2011.

Operations Support Staff & Senior Diversity Council member
§  Managed over 200 driver pick-ups and deliveries daily.
§  Responsible for returns ,cash management, delivery confirmation, bill of lading imaging, bondshed pick ups and delivery documentation.
§  Managed over 75 drivers reports, daily logs, daily mileage and all external communications with contractors.
§  Kept track of 75+ driver reports via excel programs and entered daily mileage in ACCOPS system nightly.
§  Managed and updated driver daily log files and com-data sheets and daily, submitted to contractor relations on monthly basis.
§  Trained 10 new employees on IT systems and business procedures within division.
§  Integral member in creation and implementation of bondshed procedures to track movement of products.
§  Contributor to internal newsletters, magazines and intranet having published five articles on personal and professional growth (fitness,mentorship, personal growth stories and company initiatives).
§  Spearheaded two diversity boards on a monthly basis.
§  Volunteered for Junior Achievement ( Economics of Staying in School), Truck Driving Championships (June 2009 & 2011), Rick Hansen event. Climbed CN Tower, prepared and participated in internal Diversity event.s
§  Member of Diversity Council (May2009 –November 2011) an internal group which holds conference calls on personal and professional development topics and meets with employees regarding  ongoing education on diversity initiatives.
§  Familiar with e-manifest system and ACE. Used PAPS and PARS.
§  Responsible for lobbying for 7+ years and successfully getting recycling program in operations department.

Watkins Canada Express Inc (Purchased Fairway Canada Express Inc)                                                 July 2003 -February 2009.

Cubing Specialist and Operations Support Staff
§  Updated and kept track of CPC pallets via spreadsheet program initiated returns when required.
§  Assisted in created postal code program to better assist operations in finding cities and towns in geographic areas.                             
§  Measured freight and made sure it complied with specifications of weight and standards set by company.
§  Assisted contractor relations when required driver paperwork and training.
§  Learned about billing and other functions of operations.
§  Operated forklift (licenced at that time) and assisted dock operations when required in loading and unloading freight.


Junior Achievement of Ontario                                                                                                                                                      June 2009– current.

Monthly events
§  Participated in sharing Dream Big, Economics of Staying in School & Dollar & Sence
§  Shared with partners and independently                   
§  Have shared in various school from Mississauga, Toronto to Newmarket

Get Connected 21st Century (book) &                                                                                 July 2003–  current

Published Author, speaker
§  Written articles for online publications from Staples Business Depot, Metro Active and Toronto Public Libary
§  Leveraged articles into numerous speaking from Enterprise Toronto to Burkert Fluid Control Systems                        
§  Successfully delivered 6 week course on Business Planning and 4 other topics to Wellesley Community Youth Group
§  Delivered many joint ventures talks from Profit Leaders (April 2011), Word 11 (Aug2011) to  expos and seminar in Toronto and GTA.

                             EDUCATION &; TRAINING

Business Administration- Marketing Diploma (1994)


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