Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Networking Made Easy Part II: Jeff Gitomer

 In my last post Networking Made Easy Part I:  Michael Angela Caruso, I shared 4 Secrets for networking more effectively and a terrific video of Caruso sharing a relevant story.  The key learning?  The sales conversation is never about you, get them leaning forward like a good kiss 


and if you get lost in the process of asking questions just revert to “tell me more about____________” and fill the gap with the last thing the prospect said. 
Today I’m going to make your networking a snap.   In Caruso’s video the key to success is to lead the prospect down the yellow brick road to where you identify a need or pain you can fix, “Ispeak about how to get sales people to work a full day”. 
If your questions don’t lead you there and the prospect asks you “what do you do” how do you get the conversation back so they are talking again and you remain in rapport?
Check this idea out from Jeffery Gitomer.  This will make your networking  sooooooo easy.


How easy is that?  More importantly think of all the networking you have done and watched others do and ask how unique is that?   Being remembered is really the goal in a networking environment. 

Take note that I didn’t say selling the is the goal of networking because that is absolutely the last thing you should be doing.  Build rapport with great questions, have a unique response to  “what do you do” and gain agreement to a meeting.  

But back to Gitomer’s video for a moment.  Think about the power in this approach.  With the key to networking being to keep the prospect talking (and you not) to keep building rapport then Gitomer’s approach nails it.   

“So James what do you do?”
“Well Anita what one word comes to mind when I say business planning?”
“Oh…I know I should have one but I hear they take too long and there’s no value in them” 
“Ah really and so tell me Anita why do you say you should have one?” 
I’m still asking questions, I have full disclosure from Anita about how Anita feels about what I do and I now have a litany of questions available for me to explore her pain more…but I’m not talking. 
How cools is that? 
With these two posts you are now ready to maximize on all of your networking and you don’t conversation-thumb-225x300-54624 
have to remember a long script about what you do (because no one cares until you have rapport) that you’ll fumble over anyways.   Please go out and use these approaches and come back to this post and share the outcomes.

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