Friday, April 25, 2014

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Ara P.A good coach will make players see what they can be rather than what are.”


“I learned teaching from teachers. I learned golf from golfers. I learned winning from coaches.”

I recently wrote that to Triple Your Revenues you need; FOCUS on what is to be done, Accountability Revenue Grwothfor doing what needs to be done and Measurement to ask the two great questions Why and What do I do about it.

Listen success is a simple equation! It is equal parts:
  • Aptitude +
  • Attitude +
  • Business Model +
  • Focus (Planning) +
  • Accountability (Action & Measurement)
= Success, Radical Success

Nothing fancy there. No Holly Grail. We own it all.

Now do me a favor and go tell your children that you have all the aptitude and attitude you need to be successful. Watch for their quizzical expression.

Wide eyed childYou see with innocence they know we don’t. After all they are surrounded by teachers and coaches every day, every hour (including us), enabling them to build skills and a mindset for greater success in math, reading, dance, hockey and professional pursuits. Having coaches is a way of life for children.

At what age did we all decide we knew it all for ourselves?

COACH: “A trusted independent 3rd party perspective who can observe shortcomings in performance, connecting them to the outcome, and capable of suggesting alternative performance techniques that are suited to the individual creating the best possible outcomes”
James Burgess author of CHAOS

Get one…NOW! Your own perspective on your aptitude and your attitude is not enough for success. Be able to look your kids in the eye.

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