Monday, April 14, 2014

Power of doing book reviews!

          It was July 2013 and I was looking at the collection of books that I had read over the years and I had a moment of inspiration!     See video

         Since then I have reviewed numerous books from personal development, personal success stories and much more..

       It was the beginning of an amazing journey to read and learn about various topics and people from my network. I began to reach out to authors in my networks and at events I was attending.

   I began to read books from my personal library and started to get books mailed from authors Odette Laurie, Bob Burg, Tim Cork, Jack Bosch, Eric Lofholm.

   It was great experience to read, review and share with my network through my blog and weekly newsletter.

  As December 2013 came to end, I had a stack of books tor read,it had become an avalanche that I had created and was becoming a bit overwhelming! There is saying 'be careful what you tell the universe" and I was definitely going through that.

  Majority of the book were very thin yet powerful reads.

 If you have a book that you would like to recommend. Feel free to reach contact through my website

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