Monday, April 14, 2014

21 Connections: 3rd Edition Articles, Event and Interview

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Public Speakers Association
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April 15th
Engagement Marketing using Constant Contact
Learn more

April 24th
Public Speakers Association
Learn more

April 26th
Engagement Marketing
Thornhill Wealth Forum
Learn more

Open Mic Night
May 1st
Learn more

May 7th
Skill Tree:
Beyond Networking
Learn more

May 10th
Power of Focus
Learn more

May 15th
Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference
Learn more

May 22nd
Canada Job Expo
Learn more

May 28th
The Art of Marketing
Learn more

Resource Workshop
Details soon!  

 Every week 21 Connections  brings you new ways you Learn, Speak & Social to grow your network and businesses.

 Big event tomorrow night.
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Articles of the week:

 Book Review: Bare to the Bone
 Read more

 Winter-Spring Documentary 2013-2014
 Read more


Video of the week: My introduction of the speakers

Jim Pagiamtzis interviewing Cheryl Rankin
Jim Pagiamtzis interviewing Cheryl Rankin

Stay tuned for more videos in the coming weeks!

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Public Speakers Association in Toronto
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 April 24th Toronto event
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