Monday, August 20, 2012

What do these covers have in Common?

What do these covers have in common?

 Barb Sawyer, Hirantha Nandasena and Diane Ojar-Ali are all entrepreneurs that I have met in my journey of networking in creating long lasting win-win relationships

 Hirantha Nandasena I met by accident online.I was getting ready to listen to That where entrepreneur was going to appear. Hirantha was there promoting his upcoming book Success in Toronto and sharing his journey of living in Toronto the last 10 years. How this inspired him to write a book to inspire and educate others to avoid the pitfalls he went through.

I was so impressed by his story that went to website and sent him an email regarding his appearance on the radio program. We met for a coffee few weeks later where I learned more about his busy life! He works for well know bank, has a cleaning a franchise and wrote a book! That was very impressive.

Hirantha Nandasena read my book How you can become a Networking Success and allowed me to read the draft copy of his book before it was published. Provided some feedback for his book and  written testimonial for it. To my surprise he put on the back cover of the book!  It was such an great gesture that I have invited him to speak numerous times at the Canada Job Expo in North York.(more information check out the link below)

Barb Sawyer first met online through her newsletter which I been receiving for the past few years and had the great opportunity to meet and learn about her journey of writing her book You write like you talk only better.

After reading draft copy of her book, I send her some suggestion of areas of improvement to the book and few editorial errors that I had found.  She was gracious to include me in the acknowledgements in the book.

Diane Ojar-Ali I have met many years ago at seminar in Toronto and we have attended many various networking events throughout the years. She has an amazing entrepreneurial family who supports her in all here entrepreneurial endeavours.

Had the great opportunity to be the lead editor for her upcoming book Mrs Fraud and You. I was very impressed in year insight and experience in a very challenging and controversial topic in the last 10 years.
She had written a "thin book with a powerful message" that give you insight and helpful information to protect your identity.

In the journey of networking I have had the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs who have become authors in sharing the experience and success in their fields of experience.

To answer the question What do these covers have in common?  The were edited by yours truly!

Moral of the story: You will meet people in various ways and in return you may be able to serve them your expertise to enhance both your entrepreneurial journeys.

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