Sunday, August 12, 2012

IPAD Success in less than 90 days!

In early May, I had made a decision that I needed more than wanted the the new iPad. It was a great goal to accomplish  by July 31st.

Learning the great principles of   100% intention and 0% Method  I put the actions in place.

Only 1 Rule:
 I was only to be done by buying and selling various items, As explained below

There were couple of things that happened that made this an achievable goal.

First here was Cash $ Max (Cash Converters) that had just opened up in the my area and I had made visits to learn more about what they sold and items they were interested in buying.

Speaking with Ile Naumovski (Store Manager), Matej and Laurie they were very helpful in understanding the buy and negotiating process.

In early May, I started my quest to the IPAD prior to July 31st which was in less than 90 days!

The next step was I had cd's of my own and my brother's that were available, books and few DVD's. This was good inventory to start with.

2nd  Yards Sales and referrals

 In my local area there are lots of yards sales every weekend from May to September where all sorts of items are up for sale. Electronics, dvds, books etc.

I got really good at negotiation and patience in buying items for a low price and selling for more at Cash Converters. From radios,phone, digital cameras,electronic cords  and dvds.

I also got referrals from friends who had were interested in trading items (will explain the importance of this soon)

3rd  The Universe listens

 You may call it luck, fate or being at the right place at the right time. I call it the universe listen and great things appear. As I headed to the gym I would take various routes to get their throughout the neighborhood. It amazing the things that I found  dvd's, books, electronics, cables even jewelry!

As I mentioned earlier I learned few good lessons in this experience.Which were


When negotiating I had to be patient and relaxed when discussing how much items were be sold and their actual work.


When I went to yard sales had to remind myself that this was a "Yard Sales" not a retail outlet! Many people thought they were "in business" and had ridiculous prices for times. I simple would say " I will make you an offer for this... or I would pull out my loonies and toonies and put in the my palm and say " I will offer you this much.." Majority of the times it worked, sometimes to well and I wish would have made a lower offer!


Many of the items were used for many years but for some reason they were charging as if they were new! This was very perplexing in the beginning and I had to be patient. There were selling DVD's for $3 to $5 each and which was way to expensive, I would simple offer them a bulk price for all and they would come back to reality of their worth.

Would go about once a week to Cash Coverters and would sell them the items. Early on in the experience I had shared with them what I wanted to get out doing this. They were extremely supportive and encourage in achieving this goal.

I learned a few negotiating tips from Matej (assistant manager) on how to handle bulk purchases. Been patient and relax was important and having a calculator was an important tool to have.

One experience I had in June I purchase approx 200 dvd's from a street vendor in my neighborhood for $75. I double my investment for this purchase. Didn't realize there were blu-rays,video games and box set in everything that I purchase. They pay more for those items!

Fast forward to the last week of  July. I was very close to my monetary goal to get the iPad. I made 12 trips to Cash Converters and on the last trip on July 30th I reached the target!

 Journey to the Apple Store (Eaton's Centre)

As I headed to the store on that Tuesday afternoon I felt excited and but overjoyed as I expected. Heading into the store, it wasn't super busy (it usually is!). Went to the New iPad section and began to try out the various features. I waited patiently and none of the Apple reps approached me to ask me if I need any assistance. It felt like 10 minutes had gone by when finally  Apple rep Patrick Collins came up to me and asked if I need assistance.

 Asked a few questions  regarding the ability to connect iPad to a my projector. I do training for a social media company in the Toronto GTA area.  He quickly said they do and showed me the device that connects to the project, its a a "dongle". I also required a case for it and there was a few types to choose from hard and soft cases to different colours. This took longer than expected! I ended up choosing the green hard cover case.

It was at this point I told Patrick about how I created the money to purchase the IPAD. He was very impressed!  He took it a step further and said he would share it with his fellow employees in the evening and would was interested in getting copy of this article. That was easy answer "of course"

Would like also to thank Kyle Jones for getting started experience from getting my apple ID, going through the start up questions and answering my questions.
That evening I had a Patio Power event that I hosted in Dowtown Toronto. I shared this story to participants at the event. Used the IPad to take videos and pictures of the event!

Moral of the Story:
We can achieve anything we want small to large scale goals. It's all about setting up the goals,taking the next step and creating  momentum to achieve it. 

Special Thanks goes to

Cash Converters at 570-B Bloor Street W (Across form Honest Ed's) Ile Naumovski, Matej and Laurie
Apple Store at Eaton's Centre 220 Yonge Street Space @3110A Toronto,On Canada M5B 2H1
647-258-0801  Patrick Collins and Kyle for an amazing experience!

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