Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spotlight: Paul Renie

1. How important is for professionals and entrepreneurs to have a strategy to achieve success

 Having a strategy for success is like planning a trip; the more time and effort you put towards organizing it the greater the chances of the trip being successful and you having an overall great experience.  Even though you could never be fully prepared for all the potential unexpected events that may occur along the way, taking some time to plan before the trip would at least allow you to be in a better frame of mind and be more prepared to deal with the unexpected. Well, the same applies when you are a professional, entrepreneur or anyone pursuing a dream or goal: you need to plan.  In other words, you need to have a strategy. The best place to find a strategy that would best work for you is from someone who has already done or accomplished what you are setting out to do. Of course, having a strategy doesn't guarantee that things will be perfect along the journey, but it does allow you to be better prepared for the challenging situations you may encounter along the way. Instead of running or quitting, a well defined strategy allows you to be more prepared to face the challenges and to remain on track towards reaching your destination of success.

2. You are a big proponent of getting feedback whether you are a speaker doing talk or professional wanting to get better. Why?

 I am absolutely a big proponent of requesting feedback from clients every time one delivers any type of service. When we are sick and are not quite sure what is wrong with us we normally vist a doctor for a check-up. The doctor usually examines us and if necessary writes us a prescription which, if we take, will help us to get better. Well, I see the feedback we receive from clients as the "prescription" that if we apply, would help us to be better at what we do. Let's face it, we don't know what we don't know! Therefore, the only way to find out what we don't know is to ask for feedback. It is true that not all feedback is necessarily good feedback, however, the more feedback you receive the greater the chances of you receiving the type of feedback you need to take your business, career or life to the next level.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford

Paul Renie

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