Friday, August 24, 2012

3 Trophies it was a memorable 4 weeks!

 It was 4 week to remember!  Below is the story of the meaning of these 3 trophies.

In the early 90's I had started playing competitive ball-hockey and really enjoyed it. It was great opportunity to play the sport I enjoy and playing with some amazing players was really an amazing experience.

In the fall 1995 I had joined two teams in September. The "Aruba Tigers" and "North York Chiefs"

Aruba Tigers was a tier 4 teams of individuals the league had put together ) to this day I still play with a few of them during the summer!)

North York Chiefs consisted of  few school friends and other players recruited by the captain Jorge Da Silva.
This team was all a all-star calibre. There was Nelson Paiva, Jorge Da Silva, Jody McCappin, Helder Paiva, Chris Wooltran, Peter Frietas.

The Ontario Ball Hockey Association was very concerned having us play in a lower tier, but in the end they allowed us to stay.

As the season started I had games once a week with both teams which was manageable at the beginning. I was attending Centennial College take a General Business Diploma 3yr Co-op program. The games were in the evening and weekend so it didn't affect my schedule.

It became very  interesting at the end of the season when both Aruba Tigers and North York Chiefs both made the playoffs! I was elated in the beginning and by the end I was exhausted and elated. (keep reading)

Aruba Tigers we had a interesting group of players from beginners and season veterans. The biggest challenge we had was players didn't show up, this was rampant in ball-hockey. We each paid money to join and in the end they wouldn't show up for games. It was disappointing and tough playing with hardly any substitutes.

The key lesson I learned from the Aruba Tigers was determination, resilience to win. Even though we just barely made the playoffs we had a group of players who wanted to win, and we did on a few nights and the rest were character building nights.

There were great moment prior to games and during practices where players came up to me asking for insights on shooting and scoring. Scott Gallagher was a fellow team mate you had ask about getting better at  his "wrist shot", I show him a few tips which he appreciated. That same day he scored a "goal" and he came a gave me a hug and game me the hockey ball!

The North York Chiefs we had an amazing season. We went the entire season without losing a game and tying one*.  We had a team of all-star players who new how to play the game as team and were simply able to dominate the teams.  We had 3 strong forward lines and defence that was unmatched by any team. Our passing and the ability to play a strategic and effective game was a sight to see.

As the season ended my worst fears had happened, both teams had made the playoffs!  At that time I was also headed into examination time at Centennial College and there were some tough decisions to be made as the days went on.

 I literally played 3 hockey games a week for 3 weeks. It was fun and exhausting at the same time.

 With the Aruba Tigers we ended up going to the finals and losing. We still got a trophy for finishing in second. The memory I will not forget was the opposing teams appreciation on our determination to win. Memorable quote " you guys through everything at us but the kitchen sink".

The North York Chiefs we went all the way to the finals and won. The last series we had was a huge challenge for us as a team. We played a very tough team and played very aggresive and high tempo hockey. We beat them 2 games to 1 to win the championship. Last game was full of fights and penalties, in the end the dust settled and we claimed our two trophies.

*(This game was very special for me because I scored the tying goal in overtime and got the 1st star!)

The only casualty is I did fail (Organization Behaviour) I later took in night school and got an "A" 

Moral of the story: We are on journey to success no matter what you do play your best and you will receive accolades in many ways from trophies, certificates and even money.

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