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Career-Shift strategies that work!

 Myths and Solutions that work!

At recent event we discussed few areas of challenges for professionals in transition into new career and strategies to overcome them

Challenges and how to overcome them.

1st  Focus-Energy-Motivation
Focus  is a self-determining factor that can be only overcome with self-discipline and having an accountability  partner to make sure you achieve your daily or weekly goals.  Being accountable will give you a positive challenge to achieve daily goals to reach you personal success goal you have set complete

You can join or create a mastermind group to use the energy and power of group. They can the positive influence to suggest way to change your patterns and break the cycle of habits that you may not be working well for you.

2nd  Expanding Ideas and possibilities
There is a great quote by Albert Einstein “ The significant problem you face can’t be solved with the same level of thing when you first created the problem”  A power full quote that suggest you have to create new habits to overcome your challenges.
From reading a book to listen to an audio from a specific  author to reading a “how to” book to get inspiration and empowering information to learn,do and apply.

Research groups on LinkedIn that interest you and participate in the discussion online. There are many groups that meet  throughout the year to networking and share resources

3rd  Figuring out your destination 

It’s important to have a plan to reach your destination. From a specific job field  or position that fits your career criteria.
You may do online research for  specific  companies that you interested in and learn about employment opportunities they have. 

There are recruiters available you may recruit for specific industries (transportation, engineering etc), they can give you insights on the types of positions available and companies  that you may find of interest.
You can all cold call human resources a targeted companies and ask for a information interview with them (not a job interview). The opportunity to learn more about the industry and what they do. Many companies have open houses,  company barbeques that you can attend.

4th  Overcoming fear developing confidence

Toronto  Author Terry Gogna ( has  written a great book called “How can I get myself  to do what I need to do?  He shares insight on how to manage you day using a priority event management  system and  resulted oriented information to stay focused at the tasks at hand. 
Books are a great resource to developing self-confidence and knowledge in specific topics from What colour is your parachute? To Seven Habit a highly effective people.
You local library and audios and dvd available that you can watch at specific times in your schedule.
Steve Flemming  founder of The Soul City Social Club  said “it’s about taking baby steps, which will lead to the next  step”  powerful message about creating critical mass and  positive momentum forward to achieve your goals.

5th Where to go for empowering help

There many place to go for assistance from mastermind groups (mentioned above), local networking group (check, professional organizations and LinkedIn groups (mentioned above).
Stepping out of  your comfort zone and having the confidence to go learn and do some research and associate with other will give you the personal confidence and allow group dynamics to synergize and give you the necessary ideas and motivation to allow the “law of attraction” to  work for you.
The Secret is a great movie because it discuss the dynamics of how to attract what you want and how to generate it.

6th Getting beyond discrimination

There are rules and regulations against discrimination and it’s your right to report it if needed.
This topic is not the easiest to deal with because it may deal with personal  issue or previous experiences. Scarcity thinking is a silent killer and not talked about openly by many people, it’s important to reach out and listen and read about successes and the “abundance thinking” is  great mindset to create. 

I constantly see great sports cars and amazing houses in my daily travels and always remind myself that “wealth is abundant” and everyone wants and needs different the things for the universe of life. For some it may not be car but a great home and relationships.

7th Financing your art

Everything we have  sell have value. No piece of art, speaking skills etc.  You may do research and find other art  dealers and create a dollar value . Take it to show and ask for an appraisal for industry experts.
You build wealth slowly, Steve Flemming say’s “ Getting a dollar then building from it”. You build on your value on a daily basis and you will see wealth happen!

8th Overcoming Negative Self-talk

This is one challenge which can have devastating impact on our ability to succeed. As mentioned in some of the previous answers its import to do some about it today!  “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”  says Larry Bogie, tremendous quote of how we can get to the and just stay there and not take the “risk” because of our inhibitions. We learned how to walk, ride a bike and connect with people all our lives.
There few things we can do:

Read great book from Blair Singers  Little Voice Management  System.  Terry Gogna How can I get myself to do what  I need to do?

Attend events in your area and learn from others  about areas that interest you. There are Meetup groups in every area held throughout the week.

Read about successful people. Send me an email ( and put “send me spotlight series in the subject bar and I will email 40  amazing entrepreneur and professional  that I have interviewed. Truly inspiring and motivating answers!

These were a few challenge that were shared with audience on this night and there may be more challenges out there.  The key is to look not at the challenge but the opportunity within it that you can succeed. You can reach out and  learn, share and attract the right mentors and leaders to be your success team of the future.

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