Thursday, August 2, 2012

Patio Power huge success

 It was amazing evening of  in Downtown Toronto where the 1st Patio Power event  at the Peridot Resto Lounge happened.

In the heart of Yonge and Bloor professional and entrepreneur gathered to network and learn from 6 amazing speakers.

 The 1st part of the event happened on the patio with  Jim Pagiamtzis and Patrick Bizindavyi and Marta Nowinska sharing their powerful talks, in the middle of the event the rain started so we moved inside where Marc Gordon and Jeremy Tracey shared their  dynamic  experiences on success. (video of talks below)

Special thanks goes to Tony Estevez who came up  with the  Patio Power theme, also thanks to  Marc Gordon, Jennifer Beale and Vito Marchese for promoting through their  newsletters  and tweeting about it!

Comments by attendees:

Tony Estevez
"Congratulations on a VERY successful event! We often measure the success of an event based on attendance, but that was not necessary for Tueday's first Patio Power meeting. The reason I say this is because I KNOW that it was a great event. How? Because real connections were made and there was a wide variety of people there. Did you notice how more than half of the group stayed to mingle following the speeches??"
Beth Henriques
"I have been attending networking events for more than 11 years. I have left many meetings feeling that a nice nap would have been more beneficial. Tonight's meeting was one of the finest events ever for me. There was a lot of time to really get to know some great people. Many times I feel like other events were merely small business owners trying to convince others to buy from them. This event had wonderful speakers with practical skills and made so much sense to me. Jim, you have a new avid admirer. My husband and I will happily support any future events that you may sponsor. Thank you again!"
Aline Ayoub
"Thank you so much for organizing this event! I met with great people as a result of your initiative. I also spoke with Patrick, which was really ressourceful"

Below are the dynamic speakers who shared their insights

Jim Pagiamtzis sharing the Power of Leverage
Patrick Bizindavyi sharing Power of Mastermind
Marc Gordon sharing Curse of Knowledge
Jeremy Tracey sharing How to get started as a Professional Speaker
                                           Marc Gordon, Patrick Bizindayvi, Jeremy Tracy, Marta Nowinska,
                                               Jim Pagiamtzis & Tony Estevez

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