Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Journey to Woobine Racetrack

 Sunday August 26,2012 was special day. I took my dad to racetrack to watch the horse races live. He enjoys two other sport our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs (may not be playing this year) and European soccer.

We had been to the track few months back for a family event and he had enjoyed it very much so I wanted to him to make his day to enjoy the races. He was excited, he got of the car and he was of to the races, I told my mom for " for a76 year old he can really speed walk" she laughed and agreed.

We entered the facility and quickly got the short program and got to our seats. Nobody was seating outside which was really peculiar realized in a few minutes that it was to hot!

The 5th races was just beginning to start and you can feel the energy of the crowd growing as the day went on.

 Decided to put on wager on the 7th race to get into the action. $2 on the winner and to my amazement it won! It paid out $3.80

 My mentor always said to "To win big you have play big"

Had some great momentum and put another bet for the 8th raise on the winner and lost. That's the way it goes sometimes at the races.

For the last race I went down to see the horses for the last race of the day. There 14 horses plus a spare in the waiting in case there in late scratches.  Patrick Husband was having tough day on the races we no or shows all day. I saw him coming out with #14 Mount Diablo and he looked focused and determined!  That's all I need to see, I rushed up to the betting line and places $3 bet for him to win. (my dad did the same, separate ticket)

The crowd was a buzz for the last race and I was excited to see it! 14 horses all headed down the stretch for a big pay day.

We were all standing as the were released for the starting gate, everyone started yelling (customary at the track). As the headed around the first bend I couldn't see where number 14 horse was in the batch of horses. The came across the last bend and down the bend and I look at the electronic video board and saw the #14 was in 4th place and gathering steam. I began to yell "Come on Patrick you can do it, keep pushing the horse!"  The got within 8 metres of the horse and he kicked up a gear and he won the race!  I gave my dad high five.

We gathered everything and headed to the cash in our tickets and there was a huge line up, we had to wait a few minutes and the excitement was building on how we had won. I cashed my $3.80 ticket and then I gave the attendant our 2 tickets and to my surprise we had won $13.80 each. Got our money and we head to the parking lots. Good payout for 4 hrs at the racetrack!


                                    Outside the racetrack headed into the grounds

                                   Sportscaster sharing the action at the track

     Patrick Husband riding horse #14 (Mount Diablo 4 yr old) on the last race of the day. Read article to see if he won?

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