Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Looking for DvD's and other stuff

Sons of Anarchy(all seasons
Clint Eastwood sets
Any boxing,wrestling,hockey football,basketball dvds or sets

ll in the Family(Any season)
Curb your Enthusiasm(any season)
The Persuaders(British)
The Prisoner(British)
The Champions(British)
The Three Stooges(Any box set or singles)
24 Seasons 7,8
Any movie box sets The Godfather,Star Wars,Superman etc.
Single movies always interested to trade for those.
Mounted sports and entertainment.  16 in by 20 in or smaller

 two hockey sets.One is the WHA chronicles and the second is
 Inidianapolis ,Gretzky and the WHA.
Email jim@pagiamtzis.com if you know of anyone who has the above mentioned dvd's
Buying dvd's,blu-rays,laptops and electronics, guitars 

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