Monday, August 20, 2012

Power of Facebook

In December 2010 my younger brother (Kostas) receiving the most unusual email from Facebook. He got a message that we a cousins in Australia!  (There are about 1 million Greek living in Australia)

We were headed my dads brother home in Richmond Hill that morning to celebrate Christmas Day, so we shared the news with the entire family!  There was lots of excitement in the air that morning, it took a few minutes to figure out the family tree on how this occured,  it  so happened that my dad's first cousin went to live in Crete in the early late 70's and later moved to Australia and settled there.

Fast forward to  August 2012 my brother and his wife are headed to Australia for a two week vacation and will be visiting our long distance cousins in Melbourne, Australia in a few days. There are excited about this reunion.

Moral of the Story: Facebook is a powerful to that has connected millions of people all over the world. You just never know who you will connect with or who may send you a message!

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