Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Journey to playing a policeman!

Oct 7th
I had gone to 777 Kipling Ave on Friday Oct 7th for fitting. I was playing a police officer for this role

Wednesday Oct 12th
I get the details that I have to be 777 Kipling avenue at 12:30pm on Thursday afternoon. 

Thursday Oct 13th
I am excited for this new adventure.

I take the subway from Christie to Kipling and then a short bus ride north from Kipling Station to Cinespace Studios at 777 Kipling Avenue. When I arrive and see 3 yellow school buses in the parking lot. It seemed very strange to see that many. I walked and saw few other people waiting for the bus to go.

I sat down and Alessandro and we got chatting. He taken the bus from Montreal to do the shoot. He had been extra a few Marvel Studios movies that were filmed in Montreal few years ago. We talk for another half hour and then we word to start getting on the bus.

We proceeded to get on the last bus and got settled. No seatbelts anywhere!  This was going to be one interested trip. About 5 minutes later we were instructed to get on the 1st Bus., so we go off and went to the first bus.

I went all the way to back and took a seat. We soon began our journey. He turned left and went down to the Gardner Expressway and went East to DVP which headed north and then he reached the 401 we proceeded east to Oshawa. In less than hour we arrived to downtown Oshawa.

The highlight of the bus trip is went had more than a few moment we left our seats it felt like we were on a roller coaster!

We got off the bus and walked over to a big tent and got settled. We instructed to get our clothing get changed and then show up to the administration table and check in.

So I went to wardrobe to get my clothing for the day. I was very excited to play a police officer today. (it was on bucket list!)  We proceeded into the building next to the tent to get change and quickly realized the washroom was way too  small so we changed in the hallway!

It was interesting  to see the rest of the actors suit up in the uniforms. Most of the looked like they police officers. I didn’t feel the same way at the time.
I got back to the tent and registered and sat down and got settled.  They had the customary peanut butter and bread and instant coffee, jam and water.

Began to little restless so walked outside and ran into a woman who said “you were in downsized!”
I responded “yes I was”

She said “ I was there when you offered the lines!”

I responded “Oh yes How can I forget that day!”  We continued to have a great conversation for  few more minutes.

About half hour later I met another gentleman who was dressed as police officer that I had met on the Downsized set in May. We had great conversation on what he had done since then.

We finally got word from the Assistant Directors that I will one scene we will be filming outdoors.
Everyone began to get ready. Shortly before were going to go out. They called all police officers to go outside for an additional fitting.

We went to the back of the trailer and they fitted us with a utility belt with fake gun and to our shoulder and a fake walkie talkie. I said “ Now I feel like police officer!”  

After that we were escorted on set and told where to stand, I was given a spot near a police barrier facing the hospital. It as 5:00pm and it was beginning to get little chilly, I was feeling fine it was the protester that were getting cold!!

So it began they took a long scene of a card speeding into the hospital and then some close up scenes of the actor and then ended with some internal scenes.

At one some of the protestors began saying to me “Arrest me officer! We are getting chilly out here!”
I could only smirk and laugh a little.

We were done by 7:00pma and proceeded to change back into the civilian clothes and get some administrative paperwork complete

And as we arrived three school buses headed back to Toronto!

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