Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Journey to playing 1960's Ad man (Part 2)

Sunday October 30th
I wake up at 9:00am and urgently check my email, the reason being is I need to check when, where and what time I needed to be on set for my second appearance as 1960’s Ad man for Shape of Water Directed by Guilermo Del Torro acclaimed director of Pacific Rim, Pan’s Labyrinth.

I check the email and it say’s 1330 (military time) Location University of Toronto –Scarborough (Morningside and 401 area) Now I had to figure out how to get there? Keep reading.

There were other events happening that day Greek Independence Parade at Pape and Danforth. It’s a yearly family that our family attends. No exemptions!

Made some phone calls and managed to find close family member to give me a ride and I would take the TTC back to Toronto at the end of the day

The weather was great that day, little chilly but manageable. 

I attended the parade which began at Pape and Danforth and ended at Broadview and Pape. The parade started shortly after 1:00pm and end just before 2:00pm. Hurried back home and got ready for the trip Scarborough. Had my huge camping back where I bring my books, writing materials and administrative paperwork. 

The highway was moving quickly and I read the location in record time.  I had to go to the Millar Lash House which was just south of the university, very historic building. 

Quickly noticed there was tent set up and head there first. Dropped my bag and went to find wardrobe to get my suit I had used on Oct 16th in Hamilton, I used a nice room to quickly get change before the rest of the extra began to show up. I had an earlier call time which I found little odd.

I got a nice seat and hung up my clothes plastic tie nearby. Few other guys showed up who were dressed as MP’s for that time. We had great conversation and the waiting began

At around 5:00 one of the AD (assist directors) shared insights about the evening and then customary riot act about no cells phones on set and any point!  

The first scene we had was an indoor scene in the university and I was paired with a young lady named Svetlana, she was dressed in the 1960’s woman outfit.  Had some fun chatting between takes and then we headed back to the holding area.

Doing background work involves a lot of waiting and listening. That’s why I bring lots of reading material and make new connections!

There are always interesting and amazing people that do this type of work. Some actors, actresses, aspiring directors, entrepreneurs and professionals in various types of industries
We were told that we would be doing 3 scenes 1 indoor and 1 outdoor scene.

Late dinner was served at 11:30pm. Assorted of great food. Chicken, rice, etc

Then the waiting began. At around 2pm they informed us that we have one nights scene in a few hours.

The waiting continued. It began to get very chilly in the evening but most of us were well dressed with suits and overalls and hats

Shortly after 4pm we were escorted back out to the school bus and were driven about 10 minutes away to the university. There were a row of classic cars and lots of water hoses all over the place! (we didn’t know what that was about)

We were brought inside to a theater in the university where they explain the big scene and what is supposed to happen. We were going to out one to do a rehearsal and make sure it was set up right, then come back in and go back out again to do film it.

The rehearsal went well, I had cue to walk very quickly straight and turn right as soon as see this pull up and keep walking.

We all came back in to get warmed up for half hour get warmed up and went back out to do get the scene filmed.

Our hands and feet were freezing. The AD’s came buy and gave us heat warmers to put in our socks and hands. It was awesome to fell extremely HOT!

We were done at 5:00pm and we went back on the bus and back to holding area and get change and fill out administrative paperwork.

Monday October 31st
By the time we were done it close to 6:00pm. There was a bus that was going to take us to Yonge and Bloor for those who needed it.

I was tired and hunger and needed sleep. The problem was is I needed to be at work for 9:00am Monday Morning!

We got back to the city at 6:45am and jumped on the subway to get back home. Got it at 7:00am and the alarm on my phone was going off to wake me up!

I had a breakfast and then slept on the couch for 31 minutes. I got woke up at 8:00am jumped on my bike and went to work which was about 25 minutes away in Liberty Village.

I didn’t feel well at all cycling to work. It was more like Dead Man cycling.

Arrived at work and immediately went for the coffee machine!  Two cups of coffee I thought would make a difference. Not really!

Began to feel like a total Zombie!

Lunchtime hit and I told my boss need to see my bed I had been awake since Sunday 8:00am.
I got back at 12:30pm hit my bed and slept until 7:00pm. I woke up had dinner and few hours later went to sleep again for the rest of the night

Moral of story:  Being in the acting/ background work has been exciting. In the instance The Walking Dead become all to real for me!

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