Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Journey to playing a Gambler!

    It was another amazing day be on set for the upcoming move KIN starring James Franco, Jack Reynolds, Zoe Kravitz and Dennis Quaid.

    It was late morning start at 10:00am at the Le Jardin Banquet Hall in Vaughan,

    It was the start of cold week in Toronto .As I arrived noticed lots of cars in the parking lot which was early indication it was big production.

  As I followed the signs to the BG Holding Area and went through the front door to see people dressed as dealer, security guards and police officers. (I do miss playing police officer)

Entered the room and gave it quick scan and noticed fellow author and speaker and background actor Sujit Reddy had already arrive and had settled in.

 We had both been in the same movie earlier this year in May for Downsizing with Matt Damon and Kritie Wigg. Had the fortunate opportunity to be upgraded to speaking role for that film.

  As the rest of the actor came into the room, Numerous announcements were made for everyone to see makeup and have the wardrobe evaluated for the day.

  It was great to see some other actors I had met during the year of Downsizing, Shape of Water and Handmaid Tale

 They had the usual peanut butter and jam with instant coffee and cookies.

 At around 1:00pm we got instructions on what the set up for the day was going to be and what we had to do.

 As I walked into the banquet hall it had been transformed casino room with slots, roulette and poke tables.

    Yes of course Michelle Cormier was there dressed a dealer for the film ( more on her later)

   I wanted to go to her roulette table but they were still doing some work on it so I kept walking to the poker table and grabbed a table. The dealer Andrew was there but he was focused on cell phone for a while and didn't have a chance to speak with him.

  In short time I had two gentlemen on my left and two ladies on my right join us.

 We started to play a couple of games to show a few people how to play the game and then it was GAME ON!

  I hardly player poker only 2 time a year. I actually have a pink poker set I bought recently and was looking a ways to put it to use in the future.

 Figured we were going to play for the entire day, nice way to get some serious practice in.

  The film had started and only thing we were told numerous times was to mime (speak with no voice)  for some reason it was a big challenge for a huge room of 350 people. The AD (assistant director) explained to use numerous time about how we were professionals!

    As they day continued most of the action was behind and we were not even close to the camera so the game was heating up.

  I then had a great idea to give everyone nicknames!    Deals was Andrew Ace. had Donna Knight as Twister Sister, Michelle as Devious Diva , Jim Pagiamtzis as Jamming Jackal, Brandon as Brandown Bourcherd and Michael the Manipulator.

  They all seem comfortable with their names and kept playing. We got some great strategies and tips form Andrew on how to play our cards and manage the way we bet and other minor in game strategies.

 I was listen intently and I went on big winning streak!  Then the momentum change and Twister Sister won a few round, Devious Diva won some massive rounds. Meanwhile Brandon Bourcher and Michael Manipulator were get shut out and losing all their money!

 The day continued with shooting various scenes of the movies and spending lots of time in the BG holding area

   I went to say Hi to Michelle Cormier and I got big hug. We met on the set of Shape of  Water in Hamilton in mid October. She then asked " do you smoke?" responded "really funny Michelle I smoked for one day on set and now I am smoker!"  she smiled and said. 'No I need smoke can find me one?" and with that I was on mission to find a smoke and earn some brownie points!  I went to three tables and nobody smoked. I said " I love you guys!" The fourth table I went to I found a smoke and went over to Michelle to give it her and she was happy and thankful. and with that I was back to my table.

  I had brought a few books to read and figured that was help with the boredom. That was not necessary we had the livelist of tables. There was no need for me to supply the entertainment today. There was lady name Mina who had brought her daughter to join her and they were making us laugh the entire day. At one point she pulled out her selfie stick to take a picture. Her daughter came back from a break and said best "Purrrrfect she brought that out"   (see pick below)

 We neared dinner and we got served an amazing buffet dinner with chicken, rice, salad and cake.

 After dinner I approached Reagan an AD on set to ask her about scene plans for the evening, she actually showed me the call sheet!  We were going to end mostly likely at 11:00pm

  The night continued and we were brought back and forth numerous times for various scenes.

 Near the end of the night I finally had a scene where I play some of concerned gamblers who witness of the actors being arrested and I take pictures with my cell phone. They did the scene a few times. Hope it doens't get cut.

  Near the end of the night we two more people join our table and of course I gave them nicknames!  Guy with hat and black glassses join us and I called him Fifty Shades of Grey and Sujit Reddy came and I name him Hotwheels

  We continued to play poker for 1 hour or so and then finally we heard that's a wrap!

 This is when  it got very hectic with everyone getting ready to getting check out. With 300 background extras everyone headed for the doors. Shortly after that everyone as told to come in they would go table by table. That was not very good

We had our amazing uber driver and friend Chad Curran come to pick us up!

 We sat back down and waited, about 20 minutes later they open up another table inside to help process people inside, that worked out great.We were done and Chad Curran had arrive and was ready to pick us up.

  He was great. loaded up our stuff and off we went back to Toronto!

  Look forward to sharing our future adventures stay tuned...
Sujit Reddy and Jim Pagiamtzis at KIN holding area

Jim Pagiamtzis and Andy

Left to right Andy, Michael, Brendan, Jim pagiamtzis, Devious Diva and Donna Knight

Sujit Reddy top and bottom our BG table in holding 

I played a concered citizen taking pictures!

  Movie is based on the short film below by Brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker


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