Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Journey to the Gentlemen's Expo in Toronto

It was amazing two day's at the Gentlemen Expo in Toronto

 On Friday Nov 11 Brett Deguire joined me to check out the tradeshow and have some fun! 

      We jumped in pool of plastic balls hoping to win $1000 (we didn't) instead win won lots of scratch lottery tickets (still didn't win anything).. Participated in some competitive bow and arrow game (which I won of course) Ping Pong game ( which I won). Brett is not the sport inclined.

  on Saturday Nov 12 IO  I was joined by Sujit Reddy and Sudip Mukarajee. Check out out the tradeshow and met a few celebrities

Brett Deguire and Jim Pagiamtzis getting#hangryface for Jack Links

Brett Deguire playing drums

CN Tower from inside Lincoln MDX throught huge sun roof

Banner for courage hockey

Founder of courage hockey sharing his story

Jim Pagiamtzis having fun in car horror

Jim Pagiamtzis and Brett Deguire going to war in bow and arrow game

Jim Pagiamtzis and Brett Deguire getting ready to test out Lincoln MDX 4 door coup

               Day 2 on Saturday afternoon

Jim Pagiamtzis getting ready to test drive Lincoln Continental 2017

Jim Pagiamitzis and Panam parapan volunteer

Yamaha Motorcycle

Jim Pagiamtzis and Conrad Mc Rae of the Beardhood


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