Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Journey to playing Greek Prisoner in upcoming Documentary

       I had an amazing day on Monday Nov 13.2016 at the historic Old Fort York in Downtown Toronto (Bathurst and Front).

     In early mid October I had accepted a background role to play a Greek Prisoner for an upcoming documentary film regarding the 1940 atrocities.

    It was great to see amazing performances by young and very talented actors.

 Event reconnected with Script Producer Timothy Hunt from The Girl Without A Song a movie I had supporting role in October 2014


on set picture

Jim Pagiamtzis and some props

Jim Pagiamtzis as greek prisoner

Jim Pagiamtzis, Ash and Mark

Jim Pagiamtzis dressed as Greek Prisoner

Jim Pagiamtzis and lead actor George Nikitakis

Jim Pagiamzis, Devin Scunnara and actor

Dimitri (left) Jim Pagiamtzis (middle) and Devin Scunnara (right) having fun with thumbs up and thumbs down

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