Thursday, September 10, 2015

What do all this books have in common?


               These are some awesome professionals and entrepreneur who I have met in my journey in the last 10 years.

         Murali Murthy I literally met for a few seconds at the Canada Job Expo two years ago. He was passing by with his family at the event. Got his card and the rest is history. I edited wrote testimonial for his second book and spoke at the book launch party in December 2013.

    Ahamad Shah Duranai we had met at various networking events. He told me about his book journey I offer to edit and read it and the finished product turned out great!

  Barb Sawyer I met three years ago at Constant Contact event in Toronto. She told me the title of her book and I got excited. I edited her book and she has great success speaking and holding training seminars on it

  Hirantha Nandasena I met by accident. I was listening to radio show and he was speaking before my friend was speaking. I was so impressed by his story and journey that I tracking him down online (he was very impressed by that!) we had a coffee and offered to edit his book.

 Assisted him in having a book launch in Toronto at Chapters Indigo at Toronto Eaton Centre. It was great experience!

 He has since spoken at the Canada Job Expo multiple times.

 You save the best for last!  Dianne Ojar Ali we met a training seminar 5 years ago.(actually met the whole family at this event)  We became great friends and did numerous speaking engagements together.  I connected her to Gerry Roberts who had produced thousand of successful books.

 I edited her book and provided testimonial.

 The moral of this story. You meet many people in your journey of success. Many of them are would be authors. You don't know until you ask and listen to them.   Everyone has a book in them including you!

  If you want a book edited feel free to connect with me and let's talk Learn more       


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