Monday, September 14, 2015

Journey to the 50th Anniversary of City Hall at Nathan Philips Square

        It was amazing afternoon of music, fun  and activities for all as Toronto celebration 50th Anniversary of City Hall.   There were classic cars display all around the square, Lindt Chocolate was giving out special packages with various flavours to all attendees.


50th Anniversary City Hall Birthday Cake

Jim Pagiamtzis being attacked by Lego man

Jim Pagiamtzis and Jordan John

Sujit Reddy going on virtual tour of Nathan Philips Square

Jim Pagiamtzis going on virual tour of Nathan Philips Square

Mayor John Tory and Toronto Civic Guard

Jim Pagiamtzis and Sujit Reddy enjoying cup cakes

Steve Anthony and Jim Pagiamtzis

Anna Vlahos from City TV

Collage of many movies being filmed in Toronto

Sujit Reddy being interviewed by CBC

Model of City Hall that won

Original Model of City Hall

Nathan Philips Square

Sujit Reddy and Stanley Cup made out of Lego

Sujit Reddy and Sipo Maphangoh

Sujit Reddy taking a virtual Tour

Sujit Reddy having fun with Lego man

Mr. Canada and Sujit Reddy

Jim Pagiamtzis and Toronto Civic Guard

Sujit Reddy and Toronto Civic Guard

Sujit Reddy and Toronto Sign

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