Monday, September 21, 2015

Journey to meeting the Journeyman at Tim Hortons in Toronto

        I was so excited to meet with Patrick Bizindavyi aka The Journeyman on Friday afternoon. We had met in 2011 and were part of mastermind group which for both of us turning into a memorable and long term friendship.

It led to us sharing the stage numerous times in Toronto from Canada Job Expo, Podcamp and interviews.

     We met at the Tim Horton's at Yonge and College (basement). If you know both us where else would we meet!   We got our small ice caps (have to watch our waste line) and proceeded to grab a seat at the large food court and catch up. It took  one hour so before I finally got to ask him a serious question!  Patrick Bizindavyi face and body language immediately change and look all serious.

  I ask him "Would you be my coach?"

  He said "Yes" (very quickly)

  Within five minutes I had homework!

   Look forward to watching and sharing the homework soon...

Patrick Bizindavyi and Jim Pagiamtzis

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