Tuesday, September 8, 2015

CNE journey a massive success!

  It was an awesome experience to return to the CNE after 20 years!  One my early jobs was counting cars entering into the CNE Parking lot in the early 90's and then worked at the Princess Gates for a few years.

 Return this year to watch the airshow and visit the CNE brought back many fond memories visiting the iconic fair with friends and family.

 This day was going to be special, I had won tickets in August to the Airshow which happens last 4 days of the event, I had a extra ticket and brought awesome entrepreneur Sujit Reddy

  We visited the Encare centre where there was products from all over the world!  There were sculptures  made out of sand (see below) very detailed and authentic.

  Before heading to watch the airshow we visited the world renowned  food building which had all sort of high calories foods (throw out the diet plan!) We had Canadiana poutine

  We got our seats at the Gossip Restaurant and enjoyed watching the loud and big airplanes zooming past us for few hours.

   Lots of great contests we entered including one for Sportsnet 590 which we got 60 likes on Facebook!

  It was a fun day of enjoying the sun, meeting people and buying some great products

   At the end of the day Sujit Reddy did an amazing Periscope of the band and floats getting ready to go through the CNE.

  At the end of the day we had way to much fun! We even met some friends along the way. All those people and we still met people we know. WOW :)
Jim Pagiamtzis at Open Street TO in the Annex on Sunday morning

Sujit Redyy and CN Tower in the background

Jim Pagiamtzis with CN Tower in the background

Food Building

Canadiana Poutine Bison and Peameal

Poutine and coke

Krombacher beer . Blue Jays at and CN Tower skyline

Sujit Reddy and Jim Pagiamtzis enjoying the airshow

Visited Tim Hortons for Ice caps and Birthday treat special

Jim Pagiamtzis and small stanley cup 


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