Monday, September 21, 2015

TIFF special Movie Review: Thru You Princess

        I got a LinkedIn message on Friday morning from Jamie Shoo saying "Interested in join me for a TIFF movie on Saturday morning?"  I couldn't type "Yes I will be there" fast enough.

   It was the 40th Anniversary of TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and I have never gone to TIFF movie!

       Thru You Princess was an impressive movie to watch. It told the story of woman living in New Orleans who recorded herself singing  and man in Tel Aviv who took other musicians from You Tube to create an amazing song called "Give it up" (see it below)                    


TIFF waiting line

Scotiabank Theater presenting TIFF

Thru You Princess poster

TIFF 40th Celebration

Thru You Princess ticket

Jim Pagiamtzis and Jamie Soo

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