Monday, September 14, 2015

Journey to TIFF 40th Anniversary party on King street

      It was an awesome Friday evening as King Street West (Blue Jays Way to University) was closed for 4 days as Toronto International Film Festival celebrated 40 years anniversary. (for the 2nd year)

     It was awesome experience to walk King Street with some friends and enjoy the many attractions and activities.

        The rain didn't affect our excitement in trying to see some celebrities. I have never seen so many cameras in one space in a very long time!  Did manage to get some video but it was very far away. (will try to post later)

   Toronto has been great place to hold the TIFF party for the 40 years and thousand of people have come from all over the world to see various films.

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Jim Pagiamtzis at TIFF sign

Sujit Reddy at TIFF sign at night

DJ playing in the McCafe cup

Jim Pagimtzis at RBC Someday

Jim Pagiamtzis at TIFF media wall on King Street

Jim Pagiamtzis at entertainment

Sujit Reddy on the back end of TIFF sign


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