Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Time Management issue PLUS a BONUS #11

I've previously shared all 10 of our 10 Steps to correct your Time Management issue PLUS a BONUS #11.  They were:
Step #1:   Set the Objective and reverse engineer the process
Step #2:   Chunk Down
Step#3:    START the work
Step #4:   Negotiate time & interruptions with stakeholders
Step #5:   Time Block & Batch Process
Step #6:   "Put the first thing first" (Stephen Covey)
Step #7:   Write down Weekly commitments
Step #8:   Reward & Recognize and sometimes......punish
Step #9:   Time Management issues reside in FEAR of something
Step #10:  Be The Business-Warrior
Bonus Step #11:  "DO" there is no "TRY"

So now what? 
You have 11 brilliant ideas about how to resolve your Time Management issues.  What are you going to do about it?
First "DO" something!
But what can you do when Step #9 says the majority of all Time Management issues are based in FEAR, a FEAR of doing something.
Now there is a cunundrum!  "I need to do something but I'm affraid to do something"
Well I have two recommendations on what you should do next:
  1. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area then REGISTER RIGHT NOW...RIGHT HERE, get control of your business, get control of the CHAOS, touch the future of your business, see what needs to be done and hear great ideas on how to set FEAR aside.  Join me as I facilitate The Power of FOCUS & Accountability on Business Success workshop on Saturday May 10..YES this Saturday at SpringHill Suites, 612 Applewood Cres, Vaughan, Ontario starting at 9:00AM.  Some seats remain. reset the business course to SUCCESS...HERE
  2. If you are outside of the GTA then I'm pleased to offer on a limited time basis (exp May 31/14) our home study program, FOCUS Yourself; A 7 Module Business Plan program, a $500 value for...wait for it...FREEJust send an email to our Director of Events & Promotions and tell Gwen that James said you could have FOCUS Yourself for FREE!  Click right HERE NOW!
I've now shared our 10-Easy Steps to Conquer Time Management.  If you're still STUCK then you need to remedy the problem click HERE for the perfect resource to get you back to business health & wealth.  Or if you are outside of the GTA send Gwen that email and ask for our home study program FOCUS Yourself for FREE.  Just click HERE
If you seriously want to become a Business-Warrior and set aside Time Management and so many other issues of business FOCUS & Accountability, then do what hundreds of other Business-Warriors have done before you and click right HERE.
  James Burgess
Author of CHAOS; How Busines Leaders Can Master The Power Of Focus
Having no plan is like sailing the seven seas without a compass, digging a ditch without a shovel, or hunting for pirate's treasure without an 'x' marks the spot...A plan helps keep you on schedule... and most importantly, provides an essential focus - a beacon of light in an ocean full of treachery.  Peter J. Patsula, Ph.D of Cognitive Science and Human Computer Interaction and Entrepreneur

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