Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Connections, Referrals and surprises!

   It has been interesting few weeks. I have shared for many years on the  power of having a business card (info card) is extremely important in your journey of success. Below are few stories to illustrate this.

    I have received a call from local college regarding speaking on Networking and Social Media in June at the their campus. I ask her how she got my contacts, she said that a colleague had shared my business card!

   Few days after I was attending an open mic event in Mississauga when I got a call from someone who was interested in what I do. They had one of my original cards from  2003!

    I spoke to him the next day and I ask him why he had kept the card, he said " you never throw out business cards" He could have easily could have made connection request on LinkedIn or Facebook.

  Yet he decided to pick up the phone and call! We had great conversation on Business, Life and Success

  That same night I was talking to J Brett Abbey from Message Masters and we had both spoke at Happen a local group that assist professionals in transition, I had been interested in returning and speaking to the group, I had sent the organizer a few emails in last few months.

     The next morning guess what happened? The organizer called to see if I was available to speak this month!

       You have the same opportunity to go out network, grow you connections and make a great impression!


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