Friday, May 30, 2014

Bike Month: Journey to Camaraderie Coworking by Jim Pagiamtzis (east) Philipp Schofer from the (west)

My bike ride starts at Mavety street. Past the old police station I quickly enter Indian Road which feels more like biking through a park on a Sunday afternoon than a busy work commute. For architecture ensuthiasts like me the early 19th century houses are a true delight.

I take Indian road all the way down to Bloor - the only really busy street on my route with some really nice graffity art next to Keele Station - just to pass into Alhambra Avenue which goes right behind the Camaraderie building. I enter Dundas St. at the height of Starbucks with conviently located bike locks right on the other side of the street.

Growing up in Heidelberg, Germany cycling is the way to move around that feels most natural to me. What I like most about it is how you get to know your neighbourhood and the hundreds of dollar you can save as opposed to taking the TTC or car.

 My tip for everyone trying to bike to work for this and maybe the next couple of summer months: try different routes and see what you like most. Try the fastest, then the nicest route. And pull through for a week or so to see if you can create a habit.

 If you need to tune up your bike check out MetrocycleTO, the owner is doing a great job and even offers mobile bike repairs coming right to your doorstep or work place!

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Journey to Camaraderie Coworking
It was the first day of Bike Month in Toronto so I decided to take a ride do Camaraderie Coworking at Dundas Street West and Bloor.
It was simple path across bloor street to Dundas Street west followed by short ride south. There two thing about Toronto you must know we have winter and construction!.
I started my trek across bloor I reach first area of construction with was 1 lane restriction each way for about 5 city blocks. Had to be careful to share the road with cars! As I progressed passed that the ride got smoother, Until I saw multiple arrow pointing right and then left, awesome obstacle course. As I neared Dufferin Street I was half way there, progressing I use my bell to ring to make sure I had people attention.

The biggest obstacle is watching for people who open the doors and don't look when they are getting out,commonly know by cyclist as "doored".
As I neared Dundas Street I approached to bridges which I had to go under. The first was simple the second was being repaired. It looked like I could possible cheat and under it but upon further review there was lost of big machinery being used and lots of metal all over the place.
I finally reached Camaraderie Coworking safe and sound. Check out the pictures
Heading back to Bloor and Christie I took a different route and a had smooth ride back. Did reach some construction and took advantage of going around a few pylons and jumped of some small sand hills! 
Moral of the story: Take you bike out for spin and enjoy the sites and sounds of the city. Be safe a wear helmet and have a bell!

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