Friday, May 2, 2014

Book Review: G3 The of Gift of You,Leadership, and Netgiving by Tim Cork


              Tim Cork has delivered an amazing 2nd book, following the footsteps of this first book. Tapping the Iceberg.

            In G3 his shares numerous articles that are short and impacting on various topics from you, leadership and netgiving. We had the opportunity to implement G3 initiative daily. He shares insights and experience on how you can do that in your life and your network.

          We all need to be reminded that we have expertise and knowledge that we can share. The opportunity is how and why we do it. You have it daily from the conversations we have face to face to the post we read online on LinkedIn, Facebook or business pages you read.

         The gift can be shared by your and others and Tim gives you various way to do it.Below are some powerful portions from the book.

                Power of Keeping Journals " journals allow you to go deeper and understand you and your perception of things better. When you write, you juice some key senses,. When you write, you capture the treasures of your mind and expand them. When you write in your journal, you're having a conversation with yourself. It's an opportunity to reflect and gain clarity. It's an opportunity to share your gift of how you see things and you think. It helps build a better and more open you. It serves as a strong foundation for your growth.

                Your journals can be written or electronic-whatever you feel helps you capture your thoughts, ideas, strategies, experiences, and memories. I like keep written journals. I think better when I write my thoughts down. I have over fifty journals. They are basis of my books"

              While reading the book I had great email exchange with Tim Cork and he asked me how the book impacted me. I shared my netgiving stories. He was impressed with my answers!

             1st  Since 2011 I started a spotlight feature where I have  interviewed 50 + professionals and entrepreneurs. I ask them "2 dynamic questions and they supply the answers!" Had three events in 2013 called Power talk and Patio power where I invited them to share their story for 10 minutes. It was a huge success.

            2nd In 2008 I joined Junior Achievement of Ontario. I went to various schools in the GTA Toronto area an shared topics from Economics of staying in School and Dream Big

            3rd Have volunteered for various cause from Heart and Stroke Foundation, WWWF (climbed the CN Tower to promoting the upcoming Pan Am/ Parapan games happening the great city of Toronto in July 2015

       Tim Cork has given permission to share his articles as post on this blog. Stay tuned for articles posted on this blog in weeks to come.

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