Friday, May 2, 2014

Time Management: Now For Steps 3, 4 & 5 But…

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Earlier this week I shared that the idea you can fix your time management issues is all a HOAX, a sham, perpetuated by "business coaches" and consultants who want billable hours to build revenue from the same business pain over and over again.
Due to the resounding positive response to our own 10-Steps To Conquer Time Management I felt compelled to share them with you.
But it is still a HOAX that you can actually fix your time management issues. 
It is only with our final steps #9 & #10, the 2-True Easy Steps To Conquer Time Management,  the 2-Steps no "business coach" or consultant dare share or lose billing hours, that the solution to Time Management can be found.
Here are Steps 3, 4 & 5 of our 10-Easy Steps to Conquering Time Management:
Step #3:  Start the work
Obvious yes...but let's not overlook it as a key step.  I you never start work on a project it will certainly never be accomplished.  
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Step #4:  Negotiate time & interruptions with stakeholders
Whether it is family, friends or business colleagues and bosses, when work needs to get done then negotiate the time you need to do it and set parameters for interruptions.
Having done that though you must live to your own side of the negotiation.  If you ask the family for peace and quiet to say write your book from 10:00AM to 5:00PM then don't be found watching the Masters with a beer or spritzer (for the women golfers) at 2:00PM.  If you do, you run the risk that the next time you contract for time with your stakeholders it will fall flat because you broke your own rule.
Step #5:  Time Block & Batch Process

In simple terms, use your calendar to make appointments with yourself to get work done.  Then protect them as if they are the most important meetings you will have (yes with just you) because they may very well be. 
If the work involves redundant work then batch that redundant work together and do it all at one time.
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The next 5-Easy Steps will follow over the next few days but remember it is all a HOAX, a sham, that you can fix your time management issues until we get to THE 2-True Easy Steps being Steps #9 & #10. 
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James Burgess
Author of CHAOS; How Busines Leaders Can Master The Power Of Focus
Having no plan is like sailing the seven seas without a compass, digging a ditch without a shovel, or hunting for pirate's treasure without an 'x' marks the spot...A plan helps keep you on schedule... and most importantly, provides an essential focus - a beacon of light in an ocean full of treachery.  Peter J. Patsula, Ph.D of Cognitive Science and Human Computer Interaction and Entrepreneur

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