Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Art of Marketing a huge success and the next day The Art of Leadership for Women

   It was an amazing day of learning, networking and winning some great prizes!

   Thanks to Peter Coyne for being awesome guest

     Check out review below I shared on LinkedIn:

Recently attended an event in Toronto presented by The Art of group. It was full day listening to leaders sharing insights, stories and experiences in the field of marketing. Below are some key points some of the speakers shared.

Scott Stratten Author of Book of Awesome shared stories on how not to use QR codes and the power of branding from logos to customer service.

Denise Lee Yohn Author of What Great Brands Do. She shared how brands have made huge errors in communicating their message of their products and the lessons learned on how they made them a better company moving forward.

Malcolm Gladwell Author and University of Toronto Graduate share stories of two amazing business owners who in the 1920's made decision that shaped and changed the future of transportation.

Matt Dixon Author of Effortless Experience shared insights on the importance of loyalty and and how businesses can create better engagement online and offline with their new and existing customers.

Marc Ecko Author of Unlabel share this inspiring story of he became an artist and evolved into an successful entrepreneur. Sharing is powerful formula of success he qualities of determination, persistence are important being are part of a longer equation of success.

For more information on future events got to Learn more

Scott Stratten sharing insigth on QR codes

Malcolm Gladwell sharing some historical stories

Denise Lee Yohn sharing insights on What Brands Do

Marc Echo sharing on his book UnLabel

Jim Pagiamtzis at The Art of and Detonate Group media wall

Jim Pagiamtzis at Tangerine media wall

Peter Coyne and Jim Pagiamtzis ant The Art of media wall

Detonate Group Pin it to Win it Business Card poster

                        The Art of Leadership for Women
Author Katty Kay sharing insights on her book Confidence Code

Wendy Mesley interviewing Martha Stewart

The Art of Magazine


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